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06.12.03 - A new DVD box set and 3 more novels.
01.29.02 - Fourth volume and Box sets released.
11.27.01 - Thrid volume released.
10.30.01 - Second volume released.
09.25.01 - The first volume is now available on dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD.
07.28.01 - The domestic DVD set is avalible for pre-order at The RightStuf's website, and you can get $10 if you order by 7/31 with this coupon code: AX-01 (from a flyer given out at Anime Expo)
07.2.01 - The first volume of the English release of Boogiepop will be available on September 25 from The RightStuf. The VHS version is dubbed in English, while the DVD will be bilingual. It appears that each volume will contain 3 episodes, instead of 2 as in the Japanese releases.
6.14.01 - The Right Stuf will premeire the English version of Boogiepop at Anime Expo and Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival. See the Anime News Network for more details.

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06.12.03 - Thought this was dead, huh? Unfortunately, that planned big update had to be scrapped. I've got the usual updates of books and links though.
04.06.02 - Sorry for the delay! Big update in the fan section, some new links, and domestic CDs and shirts availible for pre-order. Expect alot more new stuff soon!
09.26.01 - Added summary, one fan art, and more links.
08.02.01 - Added domestic vhs & dvd listing to the Anime section.
07.28.01 - Added 'other goods' to the Other section.
07.01.01 - Added more novel & goods thumbnails. Added counter to splash page.
06.24.01 - Grand opening of this site!

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