o f f i c i a l s i t e s
Boogiepop WWW Site (japanese)
official boogiepop site by mediaworks, publishers of the novels. (link down)
Boogiepop wa Warawanai (japanese)
offical page for the anime, by VAP.
TOEI VIDEO Boogiepop wa Warawanai (japanese)
offical page for the movie, by toei video. (link down)
Ogata's Homepage (japanese)
kouji ogata's page, illustrator of the novels.
Boogiepop Phantom (japanese)
official site for the anime soundtrack. has profiles for each artist and music samples you can listen to. (link down)

f a n p a g e s
Boogiepop Supporters (japanese)
comprehensive japanese fanpage, contains the boogiepop webring and links to many other japanese boogiepop sites.
Boogiepop Never Again (korean)
very nice korean fan page, contains summaries, goods info, gallery, links and more.
John's Boogiepop Phantom Shrine
finally, another general boogiepop page in english! summaries, character guide, gallery and music.
Boogiepop and Others
another great fansite with lots of info.
The Illusion of Memory
excellent text guide to the world of boogiepop.
warawnai v1.0
contains info and scans of the boogiepop manga.
Boogiepop Phantom
a project for translating the novels!
Boogiepop Timeline
The timeline of Boogiepop in a neat little chart.

o t h e r p a g e s
Boogiepop wa Warawanai
review of the anime at ex.org.
St Neko-Han-Ten CD Guide: Boogiepop Phantom
cast, staff and cd information at the Neko-Han-Ten anime/manga CD guide.
Various Anime and Manga Translations
has translated excerpts from the novels.
Anime Inferno - 1st Impressions
review of the anime at anime inferno.
Boogiepop wa warawanai
review of the movie at the japanese horror movies database.

m i s c
Yahoo! Groups: BoogiepopML
boogiepop mailing list at yahoo groups.

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