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"A scream in the night, and in that instant the world changed ... or at least, it appeared to. There have always been forces in the world and voices in the night: some friendly and other malevolent. Invisible until summoned; they slide through dimensions as people walk through doorways. They wait, and watch the doings of Man closely ... each for their own reasons. Sometimes, they appear ... and when they do, the world changes.
Everyone knows about Boogiepop: meet her one dark night and you are taken. People tell each other the stories and laugh: no one believes that she exists in this day and age. Still, there are some strange things that appear to be going on just below the surface. Darkness takes many forms, though. Evil and good intermingle. The glass shatters. Time stands still. There is something in the darkness. You aren't alone. Are you safe?
Five years ago, there was a string of grisly murders that shook the city to its core ... and in the present, psychic echoes reverberate."

the "boogiepop" series started life as a series of novels by kouhei kadono, with illustrations by kouji ogata. after winning the 4th dengeki game novel contest, it was animated as a 12-episode tv series called "boogiepop phantom", and made into a live action movie called "boogiepop and others". there are also currently 2 boogiepop manga series availible.

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